Traditional birth attendants (TBA) are people who assist mothers in the process of childbirth, they also provide nutritional knowledge to the pregnant mothers. 

Imagine going through childbearing without having to suffer birth bangs, it is possible. Our TBAs are cultured, mothers who have gone through the process, empathetic and skilled. All they think about is you and the safe landing of your bundle of joy. Countless women, both first-timers and oldies have benefited from their first-class services. They follow you up and ensure the proper development of your child post-delivery.

They teach you how to handle, nurture, pacify, and bond with your baby. This world is not worthy of such angels.

Our skilled TBAs have displayed dexterity in handling birth and have become household names in the birth-giving enterprise. What are you waiting for? Tell someone that knows someone about our TBAs. We’re waiting for you to connect with us.

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