Crude drugs are drugs that occur naturally, they are unrefined substances gotten from organic and inorganic sources. They are useful in diagnosing, curing, and/or treatment of diseases. Crude drugs are not modified. Crude drugs can also be gotten from plants, medicinal fruits and seeds, animals, and minerals. The extraction of crude drugs requires extensive knowledge, deliberate carefulness, and premium expertise. Our crude drugs at Next Era have been formulated with so much care and competence.

Insulin, heparin, cod liver oil, musk, honey, antitoxin sera are examples of crude drugs obtained from animal source. 

Senna, opium, digitalis, Quinine are examples of 

drugs obtained from plant source

Crude drugs e.g; 

  • Alternantera reopens ( Dagunro) whole plant, 
  • Spondias mombin (Akikan) bark, leaves, fruits, and roots
  • Phellodendri amurensis cortex, 
  • R. glutinosa, 
  • D. batatas, 
  • C. officinalis, 
  • P. cocos, 
  • A. orientale, 
  • P. moutan
  • A. asphodeloides
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