A glowing skin without blemishes is a reflection of good health. Your skin boosts your confidence anytime and any day. 

  • Spa services, 
  • Massage, 
  • Nail care, 
  • Facials, and 
  • Body wraps are all here for you at NEXT ERA HEALTH. 

Have you ever used a cream or soap that left you with a blemish? Is your skin a sensitive one? Do you have disgraceful eczemas that are preventing you from slaying? Are your knuckles dark like charcoal? Do you have skin patches that give you low self-esteem? Is the oil on your face enough to fry eggs? Do you know that your skin can be as jolly as a newborn skin? Whatever hell your skin might have faced, whatever your situation may be, it is not irredeemable. Yes, you read well. It is possible. Your skin can be a mirror to other people.

Our therapists are friendly and caring, they analyze your skin conditions and offer you the most suitable treatment for you. They also keep up with you to ensure that you transform accordingly. Our skin services treatments have no side effects and are without irritants, they are customized to the peculiarities of your skin. Come and let us pamper your skin.

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