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Who We Are

NEXT ERA HEALTH LIMITED is a privately owned integrative health care organisation and Africa’s first direct integrative health care Telemedicine platform, it is an innovative integrative care model that gives patients the tools and resources to achieve optimal health through a meaningful patient experience and greater access to integrative health physicians and several health resources.

Nature drugs as the name implies are simply drugs produced from nature. The use of natural drugs dates as far back as the pre-civilization era. Natural drugs have proven to be more than reliable but also effective through all ages and the full potency is yet to be unraveled. Many health institutions in the world are now tilting towards natural medicines. Scholarly attention is now being given to the world of natural drugs. 

Moreso, there is the ongoing integration of natural drugs; their knowledge, and practice into many academic and health institutions.

Reasons why Natural Drugs are for You

  • Ease of Accessibility: The constituents of natural drugs are found in nature and as such, they can easily be accessed.
  • Holistic Approach: Natural drugs do not simply focus on treatment, they prevent diseases as well as attack nutritional deficiencies. 
  • Cost-effective: Whatever your financial status, everyone can afford natural drugs. 
  • Strengthens Your Immune System: Natural drugs help to boost your immune system and decrease your chances of being infected with diseases.
  • Can be found in food: Your food is a host of countless natural drugs.
  • Doesn’t encourage dependency/addiction: Conventional medicine comes with a lifetime addiction but natural drugs discourage addiction or dependency.
  • Fewer side effects: Since natural drugs are from nature, they are easily taken up by the body.

Natural drugs’ benefits cannot be overemphasized in this age and time, its benefits to you and your household are endless. Stay glued for more about NATURAL DRUGS.


Our nature pharmacy provides you with the best option for your health. Are you on a journey to prevention or treatment? Then you are on track. 


Our natural drugs are gotten essentially from plants that have pharmacological properties. These drugs have gone through extensive study and have been tested over and over. Some of our natural drugs are…


Crude drugs are drugs that occur naturally, they are unrefined substances gotten from organic and inorganic sources. They are useful in diagnosing, curing, and/or treatment of diseases. Crude drugs are not modified.


Here at Next Era health, our patients are afforded the opportunity to get prescription that are customised and tailored to their unique and personal health need. We value you and prioritize your health always.


Our clinic services have proven to be more than therapeutic, it is also preventive. We offer the following services…


Do you know that from the convenience of your room, you can book consult with us? We offer remote medical diagnosis, examinations, evaluations, consultations, and treatment. This would save your time and money. You can access us from anywhere you are on the globe.


Our integrative healthcare providers are caring and understanding, they work collaboratively with your other healthcare providers to achieve your health goals. They ensure your overall health is sound by combining both contemporary and conventional approach to deliver a holistic outcome. We are here for the health of your body, mind, and spirit.


Do you desire to put your health in the hands of a trained, friendly and hospitable physician? If yes, you are in the right place. Our General Practitioners (GP) have been proven to not only care but also walk you through your health journey in a most friendly way. You can entrust the health of your entire family with us because we care about you.


Fractured bones, ruptured sinews, dislocation, arthritis, musculoskeletal disorders, and many other bone-related diseases bow down and lose their game in NEXT ERA. We offer the best bone setting and osteopathic services. We don’t just set bones, we walk you through your set health goals.


Cupping is an ancient traditional method of easing pain and tension from the body, it makes use of cups, inverted glass, or plastic. It is safe and efficient. Cupping alongside acupuncture is an ancient Chinese method of circulating blood and energy to the body, while cupping makes use of suction cups, acupuncture makes use of needles; inserted into pressure points to stimulate healing. Our acupuncturists are well trained and are waiting for you to book an appointment.


Our RHS are skilled and have put smiles on the faces of uncountable patients. Are you planning on giving up on your reproductive health? No, NEXT ERA is here to walk you through the journey and put an end to that misery. We offer cutting-edge treatment options embellished with a personal touch of love. Our success stories speak for us. 


Your mind and body can interact with one another to bring you the holistic healing that you so desire. Our trained practitioners provide careful and thoughtful interventions in terms of your breathing exercise, mental balance, stress management, and behavioral changes to foster health and well-being. The experience is always an unforgettable one here at NEXT ERA HEALTH.


This includes but is not restricted to aromatherapy, naturopathy, homeopathy, meditation, and herbal medicine. They are used instead of the normative health care therapies. It maintains, prevents and offers treatment options. The language we speak at NEXT ERA HEALTH IS ‘Nature’, would you like to speak the same language with us?


You are as healthy as what you eat. Our nutritionists are adept at what they do, they use their knowledge of food to help you arrive at a safe haven in your health journey. Your food can heal you, what you eat can also prevent diseases. You want to know more, don’t you?


Do you need a caring caregiver for your aged ones, ill family members or toddlers? Our caregivers are thoughtful, experienced, patient, supportive, dependable and can be trusted. You can trust them with the care of your loved ones while you pursue your dream. 


A glowing skin without blemish is a reflection of good health. Your skin boosts your confidence anytime and any day. Spa services, massage, nail care, facials, and body wraps, are all here for you at NEXT ERA HEALTH. Our therapists are friendly and caring, they analyze your skin conditions and offer you the most suitable treatment for you. Come and let us pamper your skin.


We don’t just focus on the symptoms you present, we move the root and bring you wholeness of health. We offer preventive measures as well as treatment options. It’s all about your mind, body, and spirit. Yes, wholeness is not impossible.


Traditional birth attendants (TBA) are people who assist mothers in the process of childbirth, they also provide nutritional knowledge to the pregnant mothers. Our skilled TBAs have displayed dexterity in handling birth and have become household names in the birth-giving enterprise.

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