Research and Development

The use of natural medicine products in modern medicine as complementary and alternative therapies is on the increase globally. Moreso, in developing and third world countries where the cost of research and development of synthetic drugs is prohibitive and technological facilities, as well as expertise, are lacking, natural medicine has been a go-to.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the opportunities that natural medicine, integrated isolated compounds, and diverse natural products possess, have boosted drug discovery. Medicinal plants have now become an integral component of research as they represent an unparalleled source of molecular diversity for drug discovery and development. The synergy of natural products research and biotechnology is driving new plant drug development in herbal, and natural medicinal products. The methods have been employed in these drug development are similar to those used for modern synthetic drugs.

Traditional medicine, therefore, offers a major and accessible source of treatment and continues to play an important role in health care management. Natural medicines are prepared using parts of plants, herbs/plants or such as the root, stem, bark, leaves, flowers, fruit, or the seeds harvested from the wild or conservation farms.

At Next Era Health, drug development, discovery and education are the core of our being. Through appropriate research and development, we are providing accessible, safe, and affordable standard natural medicine.

Quality and standard difference

Herbs that work just as it should!

We give the best Quality! We are world-class standard

Herbs can comfort you, but the right blend will benefit you while it comforts you. We don’t just make or sell formulas because they sound good. We’re passionate about passing along the African Fore-Fathers’ knowledge of how to use plants for wellness. Here’s what makes us different and better:

  • High-quality natural products

Where a plant comes from or the source of any natural product has a huge effect on its character, much like people. 

  • Our formulations

We don’t just make products because they sound good. Our trained Pharmacognosists and herbalists are stewards of traditional medicine knowledge, basing our products on natural combinations that have been helping people.

  • Our quality control

Our starting material goes through rigorous testing before they make it becomes a product. From our Pharmacognosists who test each identity, strength and purity to the packaging team, we’re really obsessive about quality.


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