Traditional bone setting has been in existence since the birth of mountains. It precedes chiropracy. It originated from Ancient Chinese medicine and has proven to come to stay. Bone setting is holistic and aimed at creating balance. A larger percentage of patients with joint pains make use of traditional bone setters and osteopaths. It is convenient, efficient, accessible, and affordable.

Fractured bones, ruptured sinews, dislocation, arthritis, musculoskeletal disorders, and many other bone-related diseases bow down and lose their game in NEXT ERA. We offer the best bone setting and osteopathic services. We don’t just set bones, we walk you through your set health goals.

Osteopathy at Next Era is a holistic adventure, the process is thorough and produces the anticipated results. Our services are sought after even by sportsmen, we are good at what we do.

Can you hear your bones cracking, your strength wilting, your joints shaking and you think it’s normal? No, it’s not.  You need to visit our bone setter clinic, the earlier the healthier and the better.

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