A general practitioner is a doctor or a physician who diagnoses and treats all common medical diseases both acute and chronic. They are usually the first point of contact for a patient. They also refer patients to hospitals for speciality and urgency as the case may demand. They manage disease generally, hence they are called General Practitioners. In some climes, they are also referred to as family doctors. They are not restricted to any particular disease or speciality but treat a diverse range of diseases that are minor. They serve individuals, families and communities.

Do you desire to put your health in the hands of a trained, friendly and hospitable physician? If yes, you are in the right place. Our General Practitioners (GP) have been proven to not only care but also walk you through your health journey in a most friendly way. You can entrust the health of your entire family with us because we care about you. Whatever you have noticed in your body, do not leave it to chance, your health should not be a pawn in the game of chess. Be jealous of your health, our GP is waiting to hear from you, don’t keep him waiting.

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