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✓ Access to virtual consultations (Audio/Video/chat)

✓Unlimited access to virtual assigned Pharmacognosist for natural drug review 

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✓ Referrals to Integrative health practitioners

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✓ Refferal to diagnostic centres


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✓Access to virtual



✓Get  Natural Prescription

✓Unlimited access to virtual assigned Pharmacognosist for natural drug review 

✓Referrals to Integrative health practitioners

✓ Refferal to Tertiary healthcare facilities

✓Follow-ups & Support

✓Get  Natural Prescription

✓ free natural drug delivery

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✓ Free diagnostic test and sample pickup

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Nature pharmacy

Get your prescribed drugs delivered to your doorstep for as low as 700 naira

See a Pharmacognosist for natural drug  review, management and drug information for as low as 500 naira

Pay As You Go 

Integrative health practitioners( Traditional Complementary and Alternative Medicine practitioners)

Consult any practitioner without a subscription for as low as 1500 per consultation


Get value-added health therapies for as low as 4000 naira

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