Dr. Samson A. Kareem

Dr. Samson A. Kareem

Medical Education
BDS from Lagos State University College of Medicine
Teeth Whitening,
Scaling and Polishing
Dental filling
Dental Extraction
Dental prosthesis
Invisible orthodontics

A highly skilled and experienced dentist who has made a significant impact in the dental field. With a passion for improving oral health, you have dedicated your career to providing dental care to over a thousand people through various channels, including communal outreach, home dental service, and clinical dental service.
His commitment to advancing the dental profession is evident through his participation as a moderator at academic conferences and also through involvement in dental and medical research. His outstanding achievements extend beyond the local community, as he has provided dental services at the national and international levels. He is a true asset to the dental profession and have positively impacted the lives of countless patients.

Dental Services Offered with Prices

Consultation N10,000
Teeth Whitening N40,000
Simple extraction N23,000
Denture(artificial teeth): depending on no of teeth A tooth: N25,000. Multiple: N30,000+
Scaling and polishing N27,000
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