Complementary alternative medicine as the name implies, is not a total substitute for your normal health care services. They only serve to complement, help, to offer another route, assist, and to subordinate your mainstream health care plan.

This includes but is not restricted to;

  • Aromatherapy, 
  • Naturopathy, 
  • Homeopathy, 
  • Meditation, and 
  • Herbal medicine. 

They are used instead of the normative health care therapies. It maintains, prevents, and offers treatment options. Each of the therapies has its specific approach, and is being handled by trained specialists.

The language we speak at NEXT ERA HEALTH IS ‘Nature’, would you like to speak the same language with us? You should do all you can to get your health into a place of no worries. It’s in your hand, decide and give us a call.

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